Canadian Solar Starts Operating Four Japanese Projects With 8.6MW Capacity

Canadian Solar Inc. has started the commercial operation of four solar photovoltaic power plants in Japan, with a combined capacity of 8.6 megawatts.

The portfolio of projects include the 2.6-MW Hijimachi Fujiwara solar power plant in Hayami-gun, Oita Prefecture, the 2.2-MW Koba solar power plant in Isa-shi City, Kagoshima Prefecture, the 2.1-MW Tsukuba Holes solar power plant in Kasama-shi City, Ibaraki Prefecture and the 1.7-MW Yusuicho solar power plant in Aira-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Financing for these four projects is being provided by Rabobank Hong Kong, with a two-year maturity and which will be used to finance the construction of an initial portfolio of up to 20MW of the Company’s solar power plants in Japan.


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