Sunlabob to Install Solar-Powered Micro-Grids in Myanmar

Laos-based renewable energy developer Sunlabob has signed a contract to provide turnkey implementation of 11 solar-powered micro-grids in remote communities of Myanmar.

The micro-grids will provide reliable, clean energy access at the household level in 11  villages throughout Shan State and Chin State. The project is being implemented under the guidance of Myanmar’s Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development’s (MLFRD) Department of Rural Development (DRD) and is funded by the Japanese International Cooperation System (JICS).

“Sunlabob is pleased to contribute to the sustainable electrification of Myanmar through the use of high-quality, international-standard solar technology,” said Andy Schroeter, Sunlabob CEO.

Sunlabob will provide material supply, design, and construction of the battery-backed solar power systems. Sunlabob engineers and technicians will also provide hands-on training for local maintenance technicians and household end-users. “All signs point to decentralized renewable energy, such as solar micro-grids, being an important ingredient to the electrification of rural communities and businesses in Myanmar for years to come,” added Schroeter.

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