Advertising Policy

Clean Energy World strives to provide you with most current, accurate and thought-provoking information on the global renewable energy industry. To provide this service, we accept advertisements on our site. Advertising on our site is governed by our editorial policy in that it has no influence on editorial content provided. Clean Energy World does not endorse products, services or companies. Such advertisements do not in any way represent any form of endorsement of products, services or companies. We strive to make the distinction between advertising and editorial clear so that readers can differentiate the two. All content within an advertisement is controlled by the advertiser, subject to the restrictions contained in this advertising policy. If you click on an advertisement, it will usually link to a website that’s operated by the advertiser. We have no control over the advertiser’s website or the policies on that site.

In following our ethics and compliance policy, we try at all times not to accept advertisements that:

  • Contain false or misleading claims;
  • Promotes products that are illegal;
  • Promotes the sale of firearms, ammunition or weapons designed to inflict serious bodily harm;
  • Promotes the sale of fireworks;
  • Promotes betting or gambling; or
  • Promotes pornography;

We don’t share identifying information about our readers. We may share anonymous, aggregated statistical and demographic information with advertisers regarding how our site is used. However, information in these summary reports cannot be linked to you individually.

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