5 August 2016 10:05 AM GMT

Dubai is to create a new program to reward innovative companies around the world. The Companies will compete to solve seven key “21st-century challenges”. The program is designed to create new partnerships, deploy new technologies and test them at the city-wide scale and is another example of Dubai’s deepening commitment to becoming a test bed for futuristic technologies and businesses that are intended to change the future of Dubai.

July 20th 2016
RNEG To Support Valorem’s 100MW Wind And Solar Projects Across North Africa

Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG), a designer and manufacturer of decision support tools for the global renewable energy industry, has announced that it has supplied complete resource assessment packages to French developer VALOREM to support their renewable energy project development activities in Africa. VALOREM is currently building a pipeline of five wind and solar farms at various development stages, totaling around 100 MW spread across various North African countries. The French company is also positioned as a service provider in Sub-Saharan […]

July 18th 2016
Swedish Nano Film Technology Improves Efficiency Of Solar Cells

Sol Voltaics, the Swedish development company, has developed a nano film, which can increase the efficiency of solar cells. According to research, a solar cell coated with the nano film has proven to increase its production by 50 percent or more. Lars Samuelsson, Professor of Solid State Physics at Lund University, who led the research behind the company, said: “This is fantastic progress. Standard solar cells with an efficiency of 16-17 percent can be boosted up to 27 percent. Yet the cost of the finished solar cells is no more than 10-15 percent.”

July 11th 2016
IT Innovation Essential For Upcoming Grid Integration Challenges Ahead

Modern IT solutions can act as a catalyst to accelerate the development of renewable energies, as they play a key role in adapting demand to the prevailing sun and wind conditions. Ulrich Dietz, CEO of GFT Technologies AG stated that successful implementation will require huge investments in the intelligent controlling and grid integration of wind and solar power. He believes that, in Germany, in particular, the IT industry can play a significant role in this change by formulating creative solutions. “If we are fast, we can create 50,000 new jobs in this field over the coming years at IT companies alone”. Experts forecast that 25 to 30 billion euros will have to be invested in Germany by 2030 and that the opportunities for German energy technology and the IT industry on the global markets for smart grids are immense.

July 5th 2016
Report: Renewables Can Supply All Of USA Power Needs

A new report lays out the reasons and means to alter the United States’s energy supply entirely to renewable energies. It examines the fall in wind and solar costs and the fact that solar growth has exceeded energy advocates’ expectations. It states that The United States has the technical potential to achieve its electricity needs more than 100 times over with solar energy and more than 10 times over with wind energy. Detailed studies on clean energy systems have shown that there are no obstacles in achieving a move to 100% renewable energy; it is entirely possible to make a complete transition at a cost that would be comparable or less than is currently spent on dirty energy.

June 20th 2016
Electric Vehicles – An Astonishing Opportunity For Utilities, Storage And Grids

Utilities have been slow to adopt renewable innovations like wind and rooftop solar, according to some critics, however, utilities now have the opportunity to seize a share of the $400bn US petrol market from the oil companies. Capturing market share for light-duty vehicles alone, “power sales would rise by about 25%, adding roughly $100bn per year to electric utility revenues and saving car drivers about $300bn a year”, states Michael Shepherd, Chairman of E-Source, highlighting a superb opportunity for utilities to boost significantly the growth of EV transportation.

May 16th 2016
China: JA Solar Commences ‘Intelligent Manufacturing’ At 1.5 GW Capacity Plant

JA Solar has announced that it has started mass production of high-performance PV panels at its high-performance manufacturing facility in Xingtai, Hebei province, China. The new facility, located in the Economic Development District of Xingtai city, has an annual capacity of 1.5 GW with fully automated assembly lines using the latest module manufacturing technologies. The fully automated assembly lines for making standard 60- and 72-cell modules significantly increase the productivity of the facility. The annual production per capita is estimated to be 2 MW, the highest among peers in the industry.

April 27th 2016
Australia’s CEFC Commits US$72 Million to Bioenergy Fund

Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corp. has committed A$100 million (US$72 million) to the new Australian Bioenergy Fund.

April 21st 2016
From Combustion Engine To E-Mobility: Transitions In The Value-Added Chain

“Electrification is the future job motor.” This was the summary of an e-mobil BW 2015 structural study. The automobile and supplier industry ascribed good opportunities to becoming leading providers of electric mobility and creating tens of thousands of new jobs until 2025. The Institute for Automobile Economics anticipates that vehicle manufacturers will expand product ranges and within ten years may record a 20 percent share of their sales with battery or fuel cell vehicles as well as with plug-in hybrid vehicles.

April 13th 2016
SolarCity, Credit Suisse Agree $150m For US Solar And Battery Storage Deployment

SolarCity Corporation has announced has announced a new $150 million non-recourse financing facility with Credit Suisse to support the deployment of commercial solar energy systems—including battery storage systems—for businesses, schools and government organizations across the United States. “Our asset portfolio enables us to continually bring in new capital from top tier institutional and corporate investors,” said Jeff Munson, Director, Structured Finance, of SolarCity.

April 3rd 2016
ORE Catapult Launches Batwind: A New Battery Storage Solution For Offshore Wind

Batwing is a new battery storage solution for offshore wind energy. The concept will be piloted in the world’s first floating wind farm, the Hywind pilot park off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Battery storage has the potential to support the deployment of wind energy by mitigating intermittency and optimising output to drive efficiency and lower costs. Stephen Bull, Statoil’s senior vice president for offshore wind, said: “Statoil has a strong position in offshore wind. By developing innovative battery storage solutions, we can improve the value of wind energy for both Statoil and customers.

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