Alstom Inaugurates Wind Turbine Tower Factory in Brazil

Alstom, the global supplier of equipment for power generation and Latin American infrastructure group Andrade Gutierrez have opened a plant to produce steel towers for wind turbines in Brazil.

The joint venture, 51% owned by Andrade Gutierrez and 49% by Alstom, will set up a plant in Jacobina, Bahia, 350 kilometres from Salvador. The plant occupies a built-up area of 22,000 sq. meters on a 140,000 sq. meters plot, next to the main current and potential wind projects of the region. It took a year to build the unit, which has a capacity to produce 200 metallic towers a year.

Alstom has installed over 3,000 wind turbines in over 200 wind farms around the world, supplying over 5.8 GW of power. The French company designs and manufactures onshore and offshore wind turbines between 1.67 and 6 megawatts.

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