Blackbird Inks Agreement for 500-MW South African Wave Energy Project

Blackbird International Corp. has formed a joint venture with Wadamba Technovations Pty. Ltd. to set up a 500-megawatt marine energy project in South Africa.

Blackbird said the project could generate US$140 million in annual revenues. The JV was formed technology, is based on the utilisation of sea waves to yield hydraulic pressure that produces electricity, while exploiting the full potential of wave speed, height, depth, rise and fall, and currents beneath the surface of the water.

Blackbird said South Africa’s nearly 3,000 kilometres of coastline is the landing site for waves that are perfect for electricity generation with WERPO’s sea-wave technology. The government of South Africa has expressed the desire to take advantage of their coastline as a way to achieve their alternative energy goals through the implementation of a series of power plants.

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