Dyesol Receives Australian Funding for Solar Cell Technology

Australian solar company Dyesol has reached agreement with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency for funding support of A$449,000 (US$316,000) to progress its Perovskite Solar Cell   technology towards scalable manufacture and commercialisation.

The milestone-based short term project is due to be completed in the first quarter of next year, with Dyesol committing to achieve key performance targets relating to both efficiency and durability of its PSC technology.

Dyesol’s Chief Technical Officer, Damion Milliken, said these targets were selected to demonstrate   the technology-readiness of PSC for further commercially-focused scale-up and development.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with ARENA and look forward to an active and collaborative future for PSC industrialisation in Australia,” said Milliken. “This project is about capacity building in the Australian PSC space, where world-leading expertise exists in both academia and industry.”

Acting ARENA CEO Ian Kay said the funding would enable Dyesol to create a roadmap setting out the steps needed to take its perovskite solar cell technology from the lab to a commercially available product. “Perovskite cells have been demonstrated at laboratory scale but have never before been mass produced,” Kay said.

“ Dyesol will map out the techniques and requirements for working towards scalable manufacturing of high-quality, uniform perovskite cells that achieve efficiency, durability and stability targets. Most current generation solar photovoltaic panels on the market today are made with silicon, but there is growing interest in developing third generation solar technologies such as cells constructed from perovskite.

“Perovskite is abundant and cheaper than silicon and there are signs it may be more adaptable than conventional silicon, providing enhanced performance in low light conditions and being better suited for integration into external building components, such as windows and facades.

“Ultimately, we hope to see perovskite solar cells deliver a significant breakthrough in cost reduction in the manufacture of solar PV technology, in line with ARENA’s goal of reducing the cost of renewable energy and advancing innovative technologies.

“Dyesol is initially aiming for a delivery cost benchmark of US 10 cents per kWh, putting perovskite solar PV cells on par with current benchmarks achieved by silicon solar PV. This would be a considerable achievement given silicon PV’s maturity as a technology, and provides further scope for reduction in the cost of energy as manufacturing volumes grow.”

Perovskite was named by Science magazine as one of the renewable energy breakthroughs of 2013. In recent years, there have been significant advancements in the technology, with Dyesol working globally with companies and researchers to develop an international leadership position in the field.

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