Nanyang Technological University Unveils Maritime Energy Facility

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University has launched Southeast Asia’s first advanced maritime energy test facility that aims to be a platform for scientists and engineers to develop innovative eco-friendly maritime technologies.

With more stringent regulations on ship emissions and energy efficiency standards in years to come, the new Maritime Energy Test Bed aims to a boost to the maritime industry by developing cleaner and more sustainable maritime energy solutions. These include advanced filters called scrubbers – devices that curb harmful ship emissions – and alternative energy sources such as biodiesels, a form of renewable, clean-burning diesel.

The US$5.7 million facility will also serve as an educational platform for polytechnic students, undergraduates, and PhD candidates to get hands-on experience in sustainable maritime technologies and innovation. It is jointly funded by NTU and the Singapore Maritime Institute .

The facility comes equipped with a fully-fledged 1.5-megawatt diesel ship engine, which can run on most of the conventional liquid fuel types for energy research such as biodiesel, gas-to-liquid, and synthetic diesel. It will also be installed with advanced sensors and monitoring devices to facilitate research innovation in energy storage, noise pollution, and waste heat recovery.

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