PNE Wind Nears Capacity Target for Yieldco

German developer PNE Wind said its Yieldco is adding to its list of projects, with wind farms with a nominal output of 93.9 megawatts already commissioned or under construction.

The Yieldco is planning to have 150MW in its portfolio. The company reported that construction has begun on the Kohlen wind farm in Lower Saxony. The project will comprise seven Enercon wind turbines which will have a total of 21.3MW of nominal output. The wind farm is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The Chransdorf wind farm was commissioned in August and the wind turbines with a combined nominal output of 57. MW are already generating results. Two more wind farms planned for the YieldCo with a combined nominal output of 15MW are under construction.

The YieldCo will be a dividend-based company whose aim is to generate long-term stable returns from fully commissioned wind farms. The shares and the assets of the YieldCo are still held by PNE, and the company currently generates proceeds from the operation of the wind farms.

“The progress with our YieldCo projects is considerable,” said Markus Lesser, PNE Wind management board member. “Our extensive wind farm development activities are having a positive effect on this. In addition to the projects headed for our YieldCo, we are currently developing other wind farms in Germany that will be sold directly to our customers.”

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