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SunEdison Acquires 757MW of Renewables Projects in Bumper Deals

SunEdison has acquired 757 megawatts of operating wind, solar and hydro projects via seven deals across three different continents.

SunEdison also won 1.9 gigawatts of right of first offer projects. The seven transactions are expected to close by the third quarter of 2015.

SunEdison will acquire 336MW of operating wind and hydro plants from Renova Energia in Brazil. It also signed an agreement to buy a 16% stake in Renova.

The company will also acquire two wind development and operations and maintenance companies from Honiton Energy Holding. Included in the deal are three wind farms with a combined capacity of 150MW in Inner Mongolia , which enjoy  long-term fixed feed-in tariffs.

In India, the company will acquire 102MW of wind projects in the states of Karnataka and Rajasthan from Spain-based Fersa Energías Renovables.

SunEdison also acquired six operating hydropower plants in Peru and will buy a 51% stake from a Chint Solar company in a 23.1-MW solar farm in India. Additionally, In South Africa, it will buy a 70% interest in 34MW of wind and solar projects, all of which have power-purchase agreements with state utility Eskom.

It also agreed to buy the entire stake in Alto Cielo, a developer of a  26-MW solar farm under construction in Uruguay that is due to be completed  in the final quarter of this year.

“SunEdison intends to act quickly to address the opportunity in emerging markets, where the majority of future global electric power infrastructure investments will be deployed,” said SunEdison chief executive Ahmad Chatila. “In aggregate, these seven transactions bolster our emerging markets platform. These acquisitions are the result of an extensive global search for the best development partners in each of our target markets.”

SunEdison has also obtained $175m of equity investments from Blackstone, Everstream and Altai, and a $362m non-recourse debt facility.

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