Tamar Energy Signs Agreement to Sell Power to EDF From Biomass Plant

U.K.-based Tamar Energy has secured a power-purchase agreement with EDF Energy for its 11-megawatts portfolio of anaerobic digestion plants.

The PPA covers Tamar Energy’s first five anaerobic digestion plants, at Basingstoke, Hants; Holbeach, Lincs; Retford, Notts; Halstead, Essex and Hoddesdon, Herts. The PPA was signed with EDF Energy in late 2014, according to Tamar Energy.

“We’re always keen to work with new low-carbon generators. This PPA provides a flexible way to sell energy into the market, so Tamar Energy can achieve the best price for their power and benefit from the minimum income certainty provided by the feed-in tariff,” said John Cockin, EDF Energy’s Director of Business Services.

Tamar Energy is building a network of anaerobic digestion plants around the UK. These facilities will generate as much as 100MW of electricity – enough to power more than 200,000 homes. The renewable energy is produced from three main sources of feedstock – organic waste from the food processing industry, agricultural sources and ‘post-consumer’ organic waste, broken down into municipal, household waste and waste from industrial and commercial sources including hotels, supermarkets, prisons, schools and hospitals.

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