Liquid transportation fuels including biodiesel and bioethanol. These can be derived from a range of biomass sources, including sugar cane, rapeseed, soybean oil or cellulose. Our database includes suppliers of everything from the processing technologies and equipment, through the logistics of distribution, to manufacturers of energy systems which are specifically adapted for the use of biofuels and products, and the services on which they depend.

Epoch Capital Group LLC has partnered with companies that are at the forefront of environmental issues, to set up a comprehensive alternative energy solution that includes the world's foremost technological advances and partnerships, and we welcome you to take a peek at what we have in store for the new generation& the Green generation. By participating through direct start-ups or capital infusion into companies that provide alternative means of energy, Epoch is fueling a cleaner Earth.

Electro Magnetically Coupled _x0013_ Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) developed by Advanced Plasma Industries Inc. can dissociate Sea Water, Biomass materials (wood, grass, wheat, corn, algae, etc.) Coal and Natural gas into Monatomic hydrogen (1H = 3.5 times the energy of regular market hydrogen H2), oxygen, carbon and then re-associates the elements to manufacture synthetic hydrocarbons like kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and lubricating oil at prices well below current market prices. A SAFE, CLEAN, AND ABUNDANT Renewable Energy. Electro Magnetically Coupled – Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) uses solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear energy to dissociate sea water, coal, natural gas, or biomass molecules into hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. ECP-AMF produces renewable ready to use fuels, thereby, having a huge impact on energy markets by providing a path to cost-competitive clean fuels needed for combustion engines, jet fuels, fuel cells, and power plants. That in turn would give the world's energy industries a low-cost, alternative to conventional fuels that would be SAFER, CLEANER, AND ABUNDANT.

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GTI provides covers and liners for municipal and industrial applications. Customized designs promote biogas generation from anaerobic digestion and odor control. They offer leak containment, groundwater protection, temperature control, algae control, and much more. GTI has provided over 200 installations around the world using only the highest quality materials and construction practices. Safety, serviceability, and satisfaction are standard components with each installation.

G-Team a.s. is a Czech manufacturer of small steam turbines, which have small space requirements, easy industry application and short payback period. The micro steam turbines made by G-Team are used in many plants - for example in Sugarcane Factory in Egypt, in Laundry in Scotland, in Power Plant in Cuba or in Food Industry Nestle in Poland.

A startup biofuels/biodiesel production company in development of alternative energu starting with transport fuel using plant sources as a large scale feedstock for biodiesel production. Primary focus is on the development of thevetia seed oil as a key feedstock but in combination with mostly inedible oil sources like jatropha. We will develop 100,000hectares of thevetia plant by the end of 2016, hitting production output of 150million litres p.a. by that time, from thevetia alone.

FCI-Fluid Components International is a global supplier and industry-leading manufacturer of gas flow meters for biogas, landfill gas, GHG gases, coal mine and coal bed methane recovery, and more. Broad selection of product solutions with wide flow ranges for use in line sizes from 1/8" to 100" [3mm to 2540 mm]

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as largest manufacturer & traders for Biomass Briquettes in Uttarakhand with production capacity 3000 Tons per month .As you are aware Briquettes produced from briquetting of biomass are fairly good substitute for coal, lignite, firewood and offer numerous advantages. Please find hear some details about BIOMASS BRIQUETTES.

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Provides engineering solutions for the optimization of combustion systems in utility, industrial and municipal solid waste applications. It offers boiler optimization, air pollution reduction through ash fusion control solutions. The company uses fuel conditioning processes to control slagging, fouling, corrosion, opacity, acid plume, and loss on ignition, through the addition of specialty additives mixed into the fuel or via in-furnace injection programs

Company leaders, Design and construction of biodiesel plants small - medium and large production capacity. Research and development of high technology process and processing vegetable oils new and exhausted. pilot plant test and analysis product.

DynaMotive is an energy systems company focused on the development of energy solutions based on its patented fast pyrolysis system. DynaMotive has shown how to unlock the natural energy found in the world's abundant organic resources & convert them into a renewable & environmentally friendly fuel.

The on-line information center for jatropha. is dedicated and growing site where you get all the information about the jatropha plant. The site gives each and every detail about the jatropha plant and its uses and advantages.

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