Given the very substantial energy appetites of China, India and the US, and the substantial amounts of coal and natural gas available in those countries, it is highly unlikely that they will move rapidly enough to clean and renewable energy sources. One type of technology may allow us to continue using these fuels without adding to the emissions of CO2. Carbon capture and sequestration technologies involve the separation of CO2 from the exhaust stream from the burning of fossil fuels, and its long-term storage, either in depleted oil and gas fields, under the ocean or elsewhere.
The nascent markets for carbon emission credits in Europe and elsewhere are spawning a whole infrastructure of service companies around brokerage, trading and information.

We are The Low Carbon Economy Ltd, a company established to help accelerate the transition to a resource efficient low carbon economy.

Based in Los Gatos, California, Tigo Energy was founded in 2007 and focuses on applying innovative technologies to the solar PV market. Tigo Energy has numerous patent submissions; strong financial backing from leaders in the venture capital community (including Matrix, OVP, and ICV); and is led by an experienced team of Silicon Valley and international technology executives. Tigo Energy has offices in the United States, Japan, and Germany.


Gulf Stream Turbines LLC using patented submersible turbines in the Coriolis-force ocean currents off the coasts of SE Florida, USA and the SE coast of Japan. The hydrokinetic energy produced will generate 1.2 MW per turbine, and offset up to 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions with each turbiine, when compared with a fossil fuel plant. The electricity produced has a capacity factor of 85% to 90%+ compared to either wind or solar. The electricity+ the hydrogen produced has a zero carbon footprint. TNBT


Located in southern California, HNO Green Fuels, Inc. is a manufacturing, distribution, and research and development company specializing in reducing particulate matter emissions in combustion engines, improving combustion efficiency and fuel economy, and producing breathable oxygen. HNO stands for "Hydrogen and Oxygen", the two main components of water (H2O), which is the extremely abundant catalyst that we use to increase the combustion efficiency of Hydrocarbon based fuels.

Manufacturers of Biomass Gasifier, Coal Gasifiers (for Power generation and for Thermal applications). Our Gasifiers are CE marked and we are manufacturing UPDRAFT and DOWNDRAFT gasifiers.

Electro Magnetically Coupled _x0013_ Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) developed by Advanced Plasma Industries Inc. can dissociate Sea Water, Biomass materials (wood, grass, wheat, corn, algae, etc.) Coal and Natural gas into Monatomic hydrogen (1H = 3.5 times the energy of regular market hydrogen H2), oxygen, carbon and then re-associates the elements to manufacture synthetic hydrocarbons like kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and lubricating oil at prices well below current market prices. A SAFE, CLEAN, AND ABUNDANT Renewable Energy. Electro Magnetically Coupled – Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) uses solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear energy to dissociate sea water, coal, natural gas, or biomass molecules into hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. ECP-AMF produces renewable ready to use fuels, thereby, having a huge impact on energy markets by providing a path to cost-competitive clean fuels needed for combustion engines, jet fuels, fuel cells, and power plants. That in turn would give the world's energy industries a low-cost, alternative to conventional fuels that would be SAFER, CLEANER, AND ABUNDANT.

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