Combined Heat & Power

Combined heat and power integrates the production electricity in one single, highly efficient process. It typically generates electricity whilst also capturing usable heat that is produced in this process. This contrasts with conventional ways of generating electricity where a vast amount of heat is simply wasted. In most coal and gas fired power stations, up to two thirds of the overall energy consumed is lost in this way, often seen as a cloud of steam rising from cooling towers.

Cogenra Solar is a distributed solar cogeneration company that combines photovoltaic and hot water collection to deliver low cost electricity and heat generation for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. With the industry's first Heat & Power Purchase Agreement (HPPA), Cogenra offers clean, renewable energy below utility rates while reducing natural gas and grid-fed electricity consumption. Cogenra is located in Mountain View, California. Please visit for more information.

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365 E. Middlefield Rd.
Mountain View , California 94043
United States of America

ENER-G provides organisations across the globe with energy management services, sustainable technologies and renewable energy solutions, to help them intelligently generate, buy and manage energy.We aim to help our customers reduce their energy consumption, carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency, with the ultimate goal of cutting costs and meeting environmental obligations. We are global specialists in combined heat and power/CHP and landfill gas generation.

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ENER-G House, Daniel Adamson Rd,
Manchester, Greater Manchester M501DT
United Kingdom

Allegro's IC product families meet the needs of emerging green energy applications. Allegro's current sensor ICs offer solutions for power supply, inverter, DC/DC converter and motor control applications. Allegro speed sensor and motor driver ICs for engine management and transmissions increase vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Motor control IC technologies enable motor control for industrial applications.

Apricus is a leading designer and manufacturer of solar hot water and hydronic heating products for residential and commercial use. With a rapidly growing distribution network throughout North America, offices in the US, France, and Australia, and representation in over 30 countries; their range of renewable energy products provide simple and effective solutions for families and businesses concerned about the effects of climate change and rising energy costs.

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6 Sycamore Way, Unit 2
Branford, CT 06405
United States of America

2G-CENERGY is a leading manufacturer of combined heat and power (CHP) systems, with more than 3000 cogeneration plants installed. The company's CHP power plants guarantee extreme high energy efficiency, extracted and generated from biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, coal mine gas, natural gas, syngas and biofuels. 2G-CENERGY provides technologically advanced and clean systems to generate electricity and heat, while reducing CO2 emissions.