Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings, from the energy point of view, are designed to minimise energy usage and cost, support a electric grid and mitigate environmental impact, or a combination of these characteristics. Smart buildings also use information technology during operation to connect a variety of subsystems, which typically operate independently, so that these systems can share information to optimize total building performance. Smart buildings look beyond the building equipment within their four walls. They are connected and responsive to the smart power grid, and they interact with building operators and occupants to empower them with new levels of visibility and actionable information.

PROVECTUS is a premier full-service software consultancy with unique ability to deliver innovative software products to market rapidly, cost-effectively and with high quality.Having a portfolio of successful startups which were grown from early stage to leading Smart Grid products Provectus is proud to offer following solutions: Demand Response Management, Adoption for Industry Standarts, Meter Data Aggregation, Predictive Analytics for meters data, Power Forecast for Renewable Energies.

Optimum Energy's OptimumHVAC software reduces energy consumption in commercial building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by up to 60%, helping building owners save money and the environment. OptimumHVAC also provides secure, Web-based measurement and verification of HVAC performance to ensure savings continue the life of the plant.

Adept Fluidyne are manufacturer and supplier of pen potentiometer strip chart recorder, flow meters, power line meter, full bore electromagnetic flow meter, insertion electromagnetic flow meter, body water meter, forging water flow meters Ultrasonic Flowmeter and DC Signal Isolator and more.

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We are an innovative software company, based in Vancouver, focused on the design, development and implementation of easy to use real time energy management and cost systems for both home and businesses. Our affordable energy conservation software products are designed for residential and business users who gain access via their local electrical utility company.Fueled by a customer-centric focus. Empower Software's innovations are changing the landscape of how people monitor their energy.

The Enphase Microinverter System offers a new approach to the installation, operation and maintenance of solar energy systems. Enphase Microinverters, the Envoy Communications Gateway and Enlighten web-based monitoring and analysis software work together to deliver increased energy harvest and unparalleled solar system intelligence. To date, Enphase has shipped over 2.6 million microinverters and is selling into nine countries across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Kipp & Zonen offers high quality solutions for the measurement of both natural and simulated solar radiation, from the ultraviolet to the infrared, for both photovoltaic and thermal solar energy systems.

The world's premier measurement companyWhen measurement matters, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, businesses, researchers, and government agencies rely on Agilent tools and solutions. From home entertainment to homeland security, from food safety to network reliability, and from communicating wirelessly to discovering the genetic basis of disease, Agilent provides the measurement capabilities that make our world more productive and a safer, healthier, more enjoyable place to live.

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Manufacturer of wireless Energy Monitors, Digital KW and KWH Meters and Submeters, Engage Hubs for remote cloud monitoring of energy and power usage for determining and controlling commercial and institutional facilities and residential demand and renewable energy or generator or inverter power output in single or three phase, to promote energy savings and efficiency.

Manufacturer and distributor of solar space, water and pool heating equipment, PV and wind. Established 1979.

ABB has been working for many years to offer products and solutions to reduce the environmental impact of energy systems. ABB manufactures and supplies a broad range of high quality products for the solar power market, suitable for the smallest residential building applications, right up to large power plants

Makers of the EUM 2000 Whole House Energy Monitor.Now home and business owners can track their electric usage, (in dollars cents and kilowatt-hours), with the EUM 2000 Whole House Energy Monitor now available at