Waste to Energy

Included in this sector are processors of waste matter for energy generation, such as sewage waste, chemical by-products and biogas produced from municipal waste, as their exploitation often involves the same technologies as grown-for-purpose biomass. Increasingly there are developers, generators and utilities entering this sector.

Renewable Energy Project Development Company

Inetec are Uk based company offering a unique method of processing food and packaging waste without the need for seperation. Our process can handle all forms of food and packaging waste which is then converted to biomass fuel for use in the generation of renewable energy.

SMi have had an established portfolio of Pharmaceutical, Defence, Energy, Finance and PPP/PFI events running since 1993. We are at the forefront of linking businesses with information, organising over 150 Conferences, Workshops and Masterclasses every year. All our events are research driven and highly targeted towards senior level professionals, designed to help you make informed decisions and remain at the cutting edge of business information.

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AXEON Water Technologies is a complete solutions provider for reverse osmosis membrane systems, elements, housings, chemicals and components for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Involved in various renewable energy systems: Waste (MSW & Waste Water)-to-energy, Solar, Wind and Thermal energy.Representation.

Anaergia, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is a global pioneer in the generation of renewable energy through anaerobic digestion of organic waste streams such as municipal solid waste, source separated organics, wastewater treatment plant sludge, food waste, industrial waste streams, manure and energy crops. Operating out of 14 offices globally, Anaergia has been trusted in over 1,600 anaerobic digestion and energy generation projects worldwide in the past 20 years.

Due to our high-quality expertise and innovative products, our three companies are able to offer you highly efficient biogas systems.Our area of expertise includes:- biogas plants with 30 - 100 kWel, - biogas plants with 150 kWel and more,- wastewater treatment - waste utilization in terms of biogas production- landfill gas utilization.

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Minneapolis Biomass Exchange (MBioEX) is a software platform designed to facilitate biomass trade. MBioEX provides an online marketplace and logistical solution to exchange biomass to serve renewable energy, livestock feed, animal bedding, and other markets. MBioEX reduces users' discovery, contract, quality control, and supply chain costs as well as streamlines and simplifies all biomass transactions, ultimately cultivating and connecting the biomass industry.

Green Machine manufacturer and designer of Waste Recycling Equipment specializing in Single Stream Sorting Equipment, Conveyors, Optical Sorters, Construction and Municipal solid waste equipment systems.

ANCO Advance designs & builds the most efficient and low maintenance, automated anaerobic digesters available today. See patent # 6,296,766 at eh USPTO website.If you want "..bang for your buck..", call us.

Himark BioGas Inc. is an engineering company that provides Waste-to-Energy technology,anaerobic digestion,bioengineering,microbiology,management,electrical engineering,soil science and algae technologies.