Electroconsult Wins Funding for Geothermal Exploration in Ethiopia

Italy’s ELC Electroconsult SpA has secured US$499,000 in funding for a geothermal exploration program in  the Aluto Langano area in Ethiopia.

The funding was announced by the provider, the Icelandic International Development Agency on its website. The funding is provided under the ICEIDA’s Geothermal Exploration Project program to assist countries in East Africa to enhance geothermal knowledge and capacity leading to the development of projects in individual countries.

The funding aims to support the exploratory phase of geothermal development and capacity building in the field of geothermal research and utilization.

Electroconsult does not break out its geothermal portfolio, but has listed on its website that it has 41,000 megawatts of thermal, nuclear and geothermal capacity.

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