The marine sector covers all technologies relating to extraction of energy from the sea. Possibilities include waves and tide, either via tidal barrages or tidal flow generators. Note that exploitation of marine biomass would be categorised in biomass, rather than in this sector.


AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains remote environmental data acquisition, processing, and telemetry systems.

Electro Magnetically Coupled _x0013_ Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) developed by Advanced Plasma Industries Inc. can dissociate Sea Water, Biomass materials (wood, grass, wheat, corn, algae, etc.) Coal and Natural gas into Monatomic hydrogen (1H = 3.5 times the energy of regular market hydrogen H2), oxygen, carbon and then re-associates the elements to manufacture synthetic hydrocarbons like kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and lubricating oil at prices well below current market prices. A SAFE, CLEAN, AND ABUNDANT Renewable Energy. Electro Magnetically Coupled – Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) uses solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear energy to dissociate sea water, coal, natural gas, or biomass molecules into hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. ECP-AMF produces renewable ready to use fuels, thereby, having a huge impact on energy markets by providing a path to cost-competitive clean fuels needed for combustion engines, jet fuels, fuel cells, and power plants. That in turn would give the world's energy industries a low-cost, alternative to conventional fuels that would be SAFER, CLEANER, AND ABUNDANT.

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Corvus Energy is based in Richmond, B.C. and is a 100 percent carbon neutral company that provides industrial-sized power in a compact, modular lithium-ion battery system to the commercial marine industry, ports machinery, remote community, off grid and grid energy markets. Its revolutionary battery packs have the capacity to output sustained power comparable to diesel engines in hybrid and full-electric vessels and vehicles. For more information on Corvus Energy, please visit www.corvus-energy.


B.A.G. Corp.® manufactures Super Sack® containers, woven polypropylene flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) for shipping, handling and storing of dry, flowable products and bulk liners for boxes, drums and FIBCs.


OFFSHORE INSTALLATION:For the last five years Jumbo Offshore has been building its reputation as a solid installation contractor with a clear focus on subsea structures, mooring systems and light weight jackets and topsides. The main installation vessel are the Jumbo Javelin and the Fairplayer. Equipped with two 900 t Huisman mast cranes, fitted with a Konsgberg dynamic positioning system (DP2) and with an enormous deck and large storage capacity, they are versatile installation tools.